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The Wind Beneath my wings (But it’s windless out).

The Wind Beneath my wings (But it’s windless out).

“Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings”

Oh Love, how beautiful the sounds… Especially back in 1982 when this lovely song brought joy, meaning, passion, and everything else to the day to day relationship in that era.
I wonder how many couples danced to this at their wedding? Or dedicated this song to their first love? Or how many women heard this song and thought about that loser, I mean their current dream guy and thought, “This is how he makes me feel”….PS..I am guilty of the above.
Well the answer to those questions are, A LOT! A lot of people listen to these songs, especially during a vulnerable moment and they sound good, but what do they really mean?
Here is my disclaimer:: The following statement/opinions made are completely MY OPINION! It is neither to reflect negativity against the above mentioned song nor to make you stop listening to these sappy loves songs! The point is to get you to realize reality. Go back to my first blog and reread. If you have a problem with this, ask yourself “why so complicated?”
Back to me breaking down some of these lyrics:
Wait! First I will start off with a giving an analogy, the analogy reflects the basis of this entire topic:
Everyone knows of these 2, this is the only reason WHY I am using this…..

Drum Roll please……………….

The Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Love Story of:  SAMMIE AND RON!!!! Can I get a Fist pump please??!!!???   (PS..Get that Kanye Album)
Can someone please google if birds can fly without wind? LOL. I know. The answer is yes! 
So why the crackerjacks would you think you need another person to do something? Why is music promoting this? Why is Sammie putting up with Ron? Why is Ron crying like an infant out the womb after verbally abusing the hell out of Sam?
The answer, in my opinion is, we again continue to listen to what we are told about love, we continue to go against our better judgment and do as we see. We are a product of our society. 

Our Divorce rates are estimated between 40 – 50%. 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.Too sad!!!!!

I think the most common question we ask when it comes to any sort of abuse, is why does the victim stay in this predicament, (because this does not define a relationship)?

A lot of answers come to one’s mind but in MY opinion we really accept these things because we believe in the dreams we are sold. We believe we cannot be alone. We believe we need another person to achieve our goals. We are afraid of not being loved. We need to be able to feel those butterflies when that new Usher hit comes on the radio, even if our relationship is a façade. 
Ok, I know that was deep!  I BELIEVE this has truth to it…
Every so often we hear some women/men empowering entertainment. Majority of the time it is a break up song, we really do not motivate one another positively. 

A friend of mine mentioned insecurities or a self esteem issues comes with accepting this sort of behavior. OR the person who inflicts this behavior is suffering from a one of the two mentioned issues. I really think it’s a 50/50 thing.
How does someone come across thinking they need wind beneath their wings to fly?
Let’s learn to be self sufficient.
Let’s learn to respect one another.
And most importantly let’s learn how to love right.

Love and Light to All!

Jenny Love!


  1. So truly put. I met a guy and decided to see where it would go. After a year of dating we decided to move in together. First red flag, he said to me, dont worry about working. Let me take care of you. Right! Are you crazy, stupid or both. I have been working since I was 14 years old. There is no way in hell I was going to give it up just like that. I did tell him that I appreciate the gesture, but I am an independent woman. My point is, too many women put stock in men. If a women would invest in them self, and adapt the adage, I want a man verse I need a man, she just might find what she is looking for. After all, there is a huge difference in wanting and needing something.

  2. After all, there is a huge difference in wanting and needing something.

    I love how you summed up my entire post! This is my exact point. I thought about this after writing my post and I thought...Hmmm will people think I'm "hating" or what not.... BUT my point is there is a BIG difference and I am glad you understood my take!

    Thank you!

  3. Self sufficiency is paramount to a healthy life. Too many people want to be loved but haven't learned how to love themselves yet. I've encountered men who dont want their woman to drive in fears that their woman will have the ability to drive to another guy's house, lol. Really society, are you so frightened at the thought of losing your lady that you refuse to support something as basic as her driving herself around? Sammie and Ronnie are filled with insecurities that are prevalent in every episode we watch. First and foremost, they dont know how to speak to each other. All competition and no support system. Red Flag. I think you were very hard on Mr. Ron Jennylove although I do agree that he is ultra corny. He had the power to stop her from leaving by doing the right thing and begging, but either he didn't really want her there or his ego got in the way of his better judgment which happens more often than not with people who have options. He should have stopped her, he should have respected her, and he should have appreciated what they had built up to that point. Now off of Ronnie, your blog failed to mention how annoying Sam was. Why did every conversation start with an issue? Why does your man just talking to a girl, become an out of control issue? For all women who think she has the right to make it an issue because he's done dirt in the past, let me stop you there. Sammie DECIDED to take Ron back, she signed up for all the mistrust that was to follow and her insecurities helped doom that very unhealthy relationship. If you feel like your man talking to another female is detrimental to your relationship then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship to begin with. More time working on yourself and less time worrying about variables. They had a high school relationship and as entertaining as the show is, it was a little hard to watch. More focus on self sufficiency as you two mentioned and less on how someone else is affecting your lifestyle. I'm not mad at her for coming back to the house, after all its 10k an episode, but for them to fool themeslves into believing that their relationship wasn't a car crash waiting to happen was like a 40 yr old. waiting up for Santa.

    "you gotta have the mindeset like i'm so great and can't nobody do it like you do"


  4. Michael,

    It seems you have, like all men..steered the conversation into another path. This blog is far from a drama filled, paycheck induced Jersey Shore Sammie defense. The actions I described were to give examples of what shouldn't be done, what to many women allow, Sam included. In "Why so complicated" I mentioned how we become so blind sided by love that we become ignorant, we become make excuses which is clearly done here. I do agree that both individuals are to blame, but two wrongs do not make a right.

    A simple expression of one's true feelings should not provoke one of Ronnie's extremely violent outburst. Again I am not defending Sam BUT it is the truth. Male Or Female, these actions are unacceptable.

    If we knew how to love correctly, communicate effectively, respect each others feelings and accept constructive criticism, a positive outcome is the least that we would get in return.

    Ps.... I agree to a certain extent with you on your "quote". I believe greatness comes from within. Everything you are made of is a piece of the greatness that surrounds you such as parents, family, friends, motivators, and so fourth. I do not think anyone should ever feel you are greater then the other and if you are greater then be that person who helps elevate them to your greatness.

    Stay Humble Misfit.

  5. Hmmmmmm, perhaps it is merely a man's viewpoint, women are much more emotional and a tad more sensitive but expressing your feelings can be misconstrued when it occurs so often. I often hear women critique men and how much is wrong with them, but I watch them deal with us over and over again wondering why they think they could ever change us. The part of the show that I saw, created the image that Sammie was uncomfortable with the other housemates and became a loner. From what I witnessed Ron stuck by her side more often than not, spent many nights upstairs in that room laying with her, missing out on everything that the other houseguests had to offer. I feel like he did the best he could with the situation he had before him. Maybe he felt guilty for his past transgressions or maybe he was just being a really good boyfriend but I believe he did his part by holding her down posting up in that isolated room just so she wouldn't be alone because she had no friends. I hear what you're saying about expressing yourself not warranting a violent outburst but from my recollection, Sammie was the only one punching people in the face. How comfortable do you have to be with yourself to swing at the person you supposedly love? Clearly, way too comfortable. If every conversation you start changes his mood in a negative manner, then maybe you should just stop talking. I think Ronnie was corny for alot of his decision making BUT I also think Sammie leaves alot to be desired. They fostered a relationship that had no verbal boundaries which is why she felt she could hit him with no repercussions and why he thought he could throw her stuff out with no regard for her feelings. They were both too comfortable. That demise was an equal failure. All I'm saying :-). Both sexes need to keep life in perspective. Love is not the be all end all to happiness.People will only treat you how you allow them to. There JennyLove we agree.

    Humility on Deck.