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To the One I Love - Open Letter

To the One I Love
To the One I Lost

To the One who showed me what LOVE was.....

To the One who hurt me
To the One who let me go

To the One I will always think of...

To the One I dream of
To the One who haunts me

To the One who I must let go

To the One who showed me:

What I need.
What I want.
and most importantly
What I deserve

Because of you:

My pain exposed my true value
My tears turned to strength
My heart will not be fooled
My faith will lead me; to THE one who will not love as you do.

The Exception & You

I've often discussed this with quite a few individuals and I thought to myself, why not outline everything I so often repeat...

This particular blurb of information really pertains to every aspect of your life.

The exception "rule".

They say there is always an exception to any situation... Something similar to Cinderella scrubbing floors to becoming a princess. That person who just so happened to play the lottery for the first time, place their ticket in their back pocket, forget all about it and BOOM they won the entire 500 million dollars!

Some may call it luck, I do as well but I also think it's part Karma and a dash of the positive energy you put out into the universe.

I believe in karma.
I believe in energy.
I believe that even though you may not do something with the intentions of being malicious or see any immediate wrong doing in your actions; to every action is a reaction.

If you willingly go into something hoping you will be the exception then you must also be willing to accept that you may not be.

I've been well as said it myself, "don't judge me."

But for it is not another being you should be concerned about casting judgment on you. You, yourself are the actual judge.
The judge of your actions, the jury and you also sentence yourself with the lesson you were forced to learned.

You determine the outcome. You determine the severity of the situation. You determine how to get in and out of the situation.

You decide if your actions will make you the exception. By that I mean if you put yourself in a situation where you know it may be detrimental to you and you are hopeful that it wont be, well.... you know the rest(if lady luck is not on your side).

It's about what you put into the situation, It's about how realistic you are about the situation, it's about what kind of situation your in.

The exceptions happen...

The exceptions are not likely.

What is likely is the result you will receive from your actions.

Learn to make decisions based on reality not exceptions, fantasies or false hope.

Set out positive karmic energy and the universe will respond appropriately.


Love & Light


Dearest You

Dear You,

I hope, No...I pray that when you read this you know how beautiful you are.
Not just physically, but internally.

I wish that you understood the purpose of why we are here right now.
Understand that the world is a cruel place, yes, but you have ultimate control over your life.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

So why are you losing control?

Who the hell asked for your permission to make you feel underappreciated and you allowed it..

Take back what is yours, your life.

Give yourself the fuel you need to drive to your dreams.

Enjoy the pit stops or road blocks, these are the moments intended for you to reflect on how far you have gotten.

Please smile every chance you get, laugh at every joke, even your own (those are the best!)...

Lastly, believe in yourself to the fullest...because if you are not your biggest fan it will be hard for others to believe in you.

Wishing you the clarity you need to be the person you are meant to be.


Your Confidence...


Love & Light


It all starts with a glance....

I was asked to write about my thoughts on a new or shall I say blossoming relationship. Since I speak from truth, experience and pain..Here is my view....

In this day and age it is so hard to meet single people but when you do it's even harder to determine what kind of single person they are.

Are they the "Looking for Love & I'm Ready Single"
Are they the "Looking for Some Physical Action Single"
Are they the "Commitment Phoebe Single"
Are they the "Looking for Love BUT I Have A LOT of Baggage That WON'T Allow Me to Love Single"
Are they the "Not Interested Single"

There are quite a few categories for single people.. The first step is figuring out which category YOU fall into.. You may think that you are ready to engage in a relationship but you really aren't OR you may think that you're not interested in love but someone just captures your attention....and well.... when that happens, it's all about honesty.

When you first meet someone you really have to listen to what they're saying, I know what you're thinking... All  women over analyze everything, this is true, but we also don't analyze the things we should.. Especially when we first meet someone. In the first few minutes of meeting someone most of us think, "Is he the man I'm going to marry? What will our kids look like? I wonder if he snores? What if he's a bad kisser? What if!"

We take ourselves through this journey in our mind  that we shouldn't! Which sometimes makes us run the other way without even knowing any hardcore facts! The only journey we should be on is the one which is facing us.. Which is that cutie you met!

So you talk to them, think about all the reasons why they're great for you but in this moment is where we lose ourselves, where we forget our bottom lines, our can't haves, our relationship morals, our self worth and value system..Where we forget about the things we learned from our past experiences and where we should try to not make the same mistakes.

This is the moment where we begin to accept the things that we shouldn't.
Because we don't want to lose what we "may" have with this stranger! We want so badly, ALL of us single people to find the ONE! Most of the times we overlook the person who is right for us because we are to busy making exceptions for the things we shouldn't.

I'll give you a personal example:

I met this guy once..
Issue 1 - I broke my promise to never meet a guy in a bar/club setting...
Issue 2 - He lived VERY far away...
Issue 3 - I forgot ALL of my rules...(By rules I mean my standards, my must haves & can't stands)

So initially, we had an amazing time together, I went through all the scenarios in my head (We had a huge house, I was a cute little housewife, with 3 kids, a dog and a weekly shopping allowance!) We "decided" to make things work even though the odds were against us.

Not to long after things went sour, I'll keep the details private but I think it was sad for the both of us...

The issue at hand was not all of the issues I listed above but we both were not LISTENING to what the other was saying, I wanted the weekly allowance & dog, He wanted his career and we both ignored those BIG factors that ultimately would pump the breaks on any relationship...We wanted two different things in present day. Even though all of these wishes were constantly spoken about but we chose to ignore them, because we as human beings want to love so badly and want to feel wanted that we'll go along with whatever is thrown our way, hoping to get to that happy ending...

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything that I did, you've done, or what we both will do..

We just have to learn to listen, listen real hard when someone is telling you about how they feel and what they want. You'll be able to better gage their REAL compatibility with you and not just what your heart wants for you. You and the present may want the same in the future but it may not be enough to get you there in one piece...

They say lead with your heart but we need to use our intelligence as well..

So the moral of the story is:

Learn yourself first
Learn your potential partner
Build on a solid foundation
Create your future together as one

It all starts with a glance but it always ends with one too. We just have to control how that final glance is given.

Love & Light


My definition of a WOMAN

A woman will lead by example...

She will think before she acts.......

She will think about how her actions will affect the ones who care about her....
How her actions will influence the picture she has been creating for herself..........

A real woman will not belittle the one who does not follow in her footstep but she will teach someone how to get to her place...

Be the one who changes someone for the better... Not the one who berates them which leads them to their worse.

Love & Light!