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Why Soooooo Complicated?

I often think to myself, why so complicated? I find that I ask myself that question periodically throughout the day and to the most randomest things ( Yes, I make words up). It always seems that I come across the most pretentious situations, where I am forced to reconsider my judgment(although I know I am right)! I even found myself creating a forum where I post questions and have my friends give me their thoughts. I figure this is the easiest and cheapest way ( without seeing a shrink) to really see if my perception really is my reality or if my reality is a skewed as I think.

One of my favorite topics are Relationships!

Since I could remember, even up to now, I always and will forever believe in fairytales.. Along my, what feels like long journey through the jungles of love, I have come to realize that not everyone is guaranteed a "Happily Ever After"  For the most part, a lot of individuals will have a happy few months and/or years. After the initial honey moon stage is over, it seems someone in the relationship goes stir crazy, as if they have been hit with some sort of "act crazy" lightning bolt!

Have you ever asked someone why their relationship failed?

If you pay close attention and learn to connect the dots in this dating conspiracy, you'll quickly learn that 88.7% of people will give you the same answer..Perhaps verbalized differently but in all actuality, it equates to the same thing.

Have you ever asked a happily married couple what is their "secret"?

I am certain you got a response that included " It takes hard work" " we listen to each other" blah blah blah... Guess what readers? It isn't a secret if you hear it once or continuously.

The problem is not, not knowing what to do but it's YOU.

My "hunch" is that it is easier for us to sabotage a good thing versus trying to elongate our happiness. Society reacts more towards misery, sadness and dismay versus all that is positive.
Ever notice when you break up with someone, a million people have the same question to ask over and over again? for months nonetheless. Even when you are finally over your past relationship, there is always that one person who has to bring it up again..... I know this is a culmination of other things and my paranoia that leads me to believe that this, in some way is a form of torture.

Fine - Go ahead and think that it isn't a big deal but I guarantee you that right after you are done with that innocent conversation you welcome yourself to " Daydream Land" and thoughts of your ex float around all day and their voice whispers in your ear.... Thank Society for that!
On the contrary, lets pretend you are in this happy relationship and all you see is cotton candy and rainbows all the time. How often does someone really pry into your relationship? Maybe one or two questions but the point of the matter is, if you are happy, NO ONE really cares! I'm sorry, yes, yes, I'm not being nice, I know! But again being nice isn't going to help you. If we continue to lie to one another then we will continue to get the same negative outcomes and this my friends is a form of INSANITY!

So think of my blogs as free therapy for the poor man...

 Why so complicated?

We "have" to be complicated to get the reaction our ego's wish for! Point Blank. It is an innocent form of sabotage.

A great example that I can give. A good friend of mine, who once was a love interest, I remember gave me all these words and phrases that I "shouldn't" use. I believe the reason he gave me went something like " these words make me uncomfortable"
In "Lust Land" you make excuses and laugh off many things (I think this is another form of insanity) but when you come back to reality his unnecessary insecurities were a form of complication .

Let's break it down:

If you say something he doesn't like, well then you broke one of the rules of your "engagement" and now he has an out....He may not immediately break away from you but that little thing you said lingers around.
Now you see how easy it is to complicate things without even knowing that someone is complicating the situation?

Honesty is non existent in reality.

Honesty has taken a new form of deception sugar coated with candy kisses and a good lay. There is where we fail to live in reality and when "Lust Land" is highly occupied with desperate souls.

When did being honest with someone become a crime, or better yet when did being honest become a cliche? Who woke up one day and said " You know what,I prefer to keep my emotions to myself and let this person run with their thoughts" ?

Why are YOU soo complicated?

I'll leave you with this:: Learn not to question the unexplainable but learn to love it. -JL


Future blogs to follow up::

Love and Light!

Jenny Love


  1. I have to agree that we are the ones who make it complicated. I found this very interesting. I hope you dont mind me asking the status of your present relationship. My opinion is that things get complicated when the two people involved doesnt speak of their intentions. What do either of you hope to get out of this relationship? Where is this relationship going? If you dont mind id like to follow your direction. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Nean,

    Thank you for reading and your comment! It is greatly appreciated!

    My Current status is exploratory! I am not in a "relationship" but I am actively playing the field.I guess what you can say is, I believe that I have come across the most awkward situations and I believe these situations happen for a reason - My educational blogs!

    The purpose of my blogs are to put a label on the most common mistakes, misconceptions and every other aspect of a relationship in which the outcome is failure!

    I'm currently working on 3 new blogs and I'll be launching a dating website in the near future! Please keep following me and please invite your friends to join as well!

  3. Very nicely written. I look forward to reading more!

  4. I actually thought I clicked to follow you, I must have did something wrong. But I think I corrected it. I anticipate future postings. I totally forgot that I had a blog page also. Reading yours made me want to get back into it. If you go to my page you will see a post of a bad date. I think you will enjoy reading it. Again I look forward to reading more, keep up the awesome work.