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The Exception & You

I've often discussed this with quite a few individuals and I thought to myself, why not outline everything I so often repeat...

This particular blurb of information really pertains to every aspect of your life.

The exception "rule".

They say there is always an exception to any situation... Something similar to Cinderella scrubbing floors to becoming a princess. That person who just so happened to play the lottery for the first time, place their ticket in their back pocket, forget all about it and BOOM they won the entire 500 million dollars!

Some may call it luck, I do as well but I also think it's part Karma and a dash of the positive energy you put out into the universe.

I believe in karma.
I believe in energy.
I believe that even though you may not do something with the intentions of being malicious or see any immediate wrong doing in your actions; to every action is a reaction.

If you willingly go into something hoping you will be the exception then you must also be willing to accept that you may not be.

I've been well as said it myself, "don't judge me."

But for it is not another being you should be concerned about casting judgment on you. You, yourself are the actual judge.
The judge of your actions, the jury and you also sentence yourself with the lesson you were forced to learned.

You determine the outcome. You determine the severity of the situation. You determine how to get in and out of the situation.

You decide if your actions will make you the exception. By that I mean if you put yourself in a situation where you know it may be detrimental to you and you are hopeful that it wont be, well.... you know the rest(if lady luck is not on your side).

It's about what you put into the situation, It's about how realistic you are about the situation, it's about what kind of situation your in.

The exceptions happen...

The exceptions are not likely.

What is likely is the result you will receive from your actions.

Learn to make decisions based on reality not exceptions, fantasies or false hope.

Set out positive karmic energy and the universe will respond appropriately.


Love & Light


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